We Prepare Our Food Using Old Family Recipes

We Prepare Our Food Using Old Family Recipes

Enjoy some of the best shredded beef, pork, chicken or shrimp tacos in Portland, ME

You know the food at a restaurant is good when the chefs rely on family recipes. Generations of our relatives in Colombia have prepared the dishes we serve at Lupitas Taqueria in Portland, ME, so you’ll certainly enjoy whatever you order. We specialize in preparing shrimp, pork, chicken, shredded beef and Lupitas House blend tacos.

To bring out the flavor, we make sure to…

  • Slow cook our shredded beef and pork for eight hours
  • Season our dishes with a secret blend of spices
  • Serve our food with salsa that we make in-house

Stop by today to try our famous shredded beef, pork, chicken, shrimp or Lupitas House blend tacos. You can also order online through the Toast Takeout app.

Ask about our vegetarian options

Although we're a go-to for shrimp, pork, chicken and Lupitas House blend tacos in Portland, ME, we also offer vegetarian tacos with seasoned cauliflower, homemade slaw, crema and cotija cheese. Everything we serve is gluten-free.

View the Menu page to find out about the farm-fresh ingredients we use to prepare our vegetarian, chicken, shredded beef, pork and shrimp tacos.