Fresh Tastes Best

Fresh Tastes Best

Enjoy taco bowls made with farm-fresh ingredients in Portland, ME

Fresh produce is ideal for preparing delicious, healthy food. Lupitas Taqueria only uses fresh ingredients to prepare some of the tastiest taco bowls in Portland, ME. We source our produce and meat locally to ensure that every bite is full of flavor.

Each burrito bowl comes with two hearty helpings of protein. Ask your server about our vegetarian options.

Fill your bowl with flavorful ingredients

Our shredded beef and pork taco bowls are crowd favorites because we...

Use family recipes to season the meat to perfection
Slow cook the meat for eight hours to draw out the flavor
Include rice, slaw and guacamole to add more flavor and texture

Visit Lupitas Taqueria in Portland, ME today to order a gluten-free burrito bowl.